Tabu Ley
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Congolese bandleader Tabu Pascal (aka Tabu Ley Rochereau) formed African Fiesta in 1963 (initially with Dr Nico, who co-wrote the classic Afrika Mokili Mobimba) and then renamed it Afrisa in 1970, with vocalist Sam Mangwana and guitarist Huit-Kilos Bimwela Nseka. From the beginning, Ley played the Latin rhythms on the drums of rock music, thus merging (at least ideally) rumba and rock.

His Fiesta also turned the soukous concert into a happening that was reminiscent of the sexy shows of Paris' cabarets. In 1972 Ley introduced the soum-djoum style. He introduced synthesizers on Cadence Mundanda (1984), one of the albums that feature vocalist and wife M'Bilia Bel, a period summarized on the anthology Tabu Ley, while Babeti Soukous (1989) revisits some of his classics.

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