Barry McGuire
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In 1961 Barry McGuire, an Oklahoma native with a powerful baritone, became a member of the New Christy Minstrels, a folk group that performed traditional material. He wrote their biggest hit, Green Green (1963), and launched them in the Dylan era. In 1965 he moved to California and released a song written by Philip Sloan, Eve Of Destruction, an apocalyptic ode that rang with the fervor of Bob Dylan (Hal Blaine on drums). Sloan wrote most of the material on Eve Of Destruction (1965) and This Precious Time (1966). The latter featured the Mamas & Papas. The World's Last Private Citizen (1967), which featured assorted Byrds and Eagles, and The Doctor (Ode, 1971) were his last albums, although McGuire will later begin a new career as a gospel singer. (Translated by Ornella C. Grannis)

Nel 1961 Barry McGuire, un nativo dell'Oklahoma con un potente baritono, si uni' ai New Christy Minstrels, un gruppo folk che eseguiva materiale tradizionale. Per i Minstrels scrisse il piu' grande successo, Green Green, che li lancio' nell'era Dylaniana. Nel 1965 si trasferi' in California, dove incise l'ode apocalittica di Philip Sloan, Eve Of Destruction, che all'epoca ricalcava il fervore di Dylan. Sloan e' l'autore della maggior parte del materiale che appare su Eve of Destruction (1965), e This Precious Time (1966). Nel secondo appaiono i Mamas & Papas.

The World's Last Private Citizen (1967), nel quale appaiono vari Byrds and Eagles, e The Doctor (Ode, 1971), furono i suoi ultimi due album. Piu' tardi McGuire intraprese la carriera di cantante gospel.

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