Tampa Red
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Houston "Tampa Red" Woodbridge (who had arrived in Chicago in 1925 and was one of the first black instrumentalists to make a recording) was the most famous of the bottleneck/slide artists. Unlike other southern bluesmen, whose playing was modal and in minor keys, Tampa Red was influenced by ragtime and jug bands. He and pianist Tom Dorsey backed Ma Rainey on her classics Travelling Blues/ Deep Morning Blues (1928), Black Eye Blues (1928) and Blame It On the Blues (1928). His prolific career include Through Train Blues (1928), his first recording, with Frankie Jaxon on vocals, It's Tight Like That (1928), a duet with pianist Tom Dorsey and his first hit, Come On Mama Do That Dance (1929), with the Hokum Jug Band (Jaxon on vocals), You Got To Reap What You Sow (1929), Juicy Lemon Blues (1929), You Got To Reap What You Sow (1929), New Stranger Blues (1931), Bumble Bee Blues (1931), No Matter How She Done It (1932), Mean Mistreater Blues (1934), I'll Kill Your Soul (1934), Denver Blues (1934), Sugar Mama (1935), Maybe It's Someone Else You Love (1936), Seminole Blues (1937), Travel On (1937), Rock It In Rhythm (1938), Bessemer Blues (1939), Anna Lou Blues (1940). Don't You Lie to Me (1940), It Hurts Me Too (1940), Let Me Play with Your Poodle (1942), Crying Won't Help You (1946).

Tampa Red (Houston Woodbridge) adatto` la chitarra hawaiana alla slide dei bluesman, coniando il tipico suono metallico e suadente, e costitui` con il pianista Tom Dorsey e il cantante Frankie Jaxon uno dei sodalizi piu` eccentrici e piu` influenti di Chicago, fondendo virtualmente le tre figure canoniche del songster, del pianista barrelhouse e del cantante gospel.

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