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Forest were an English band at the peak of the folk revival that followed the example of the Incredibile String Band and released two albums of loose psychedelic ballads: Forest (1969 - Radioactive, 2005) and Full Circle (1970). Martin Welham, Derek Allenby, and Hadrian Welham were multi-instrumentalists that played a plethora of instruments. The mood is mostly languid, pastoral, ecstatic, but the music fares better in the sinister Fading Light, The Midnight Hanging Of A Runaway Serf, Graveyard.

Forest's two albums were reissued on the double-CD album Forest/Full Circle (BGO, 1994).

Martin Welham returned to music in the 2000s, leading an acoustic duo with his son Tom named the Story that released Tale Spin (2006) and Arcane Rising (Sunbeam, 2007).

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