Insect Trust
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Insect Trust were a New York band that comprised vocalist Nancy Jeffries (the vocalist for Peter Stampfel's Swamp Lillies before the madman formed the Holy Modal Rounders), guitarist Luke Faust, Trevor Koehler and Robert Palmer on saxophone and clarinet (the latter would become a famous music critic). Insect Trust (Capitol, 1968) attempted a super-fusion of jazz, blues, country and acid-rock somewhere between Blues Project's sophisticated ballads and Captain Beefheart-ian blues jams (The Skin Game, Special Rider Blues). Their second album, Hoboken Saturday Night (ATCO, 1970), featuring jazz drummers Elvin Jones and jazz guitarist Hugh McCracken, displayed the influence of Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago, but still within a looser format (The Eyes of a New York Woman, with lyrics of novelist Thomas Pynchon, and the instrumental jam Ducks). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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