Les Maledictus Sound
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Les Maledictus Sound was the creature of Jean-Pierre Massiera, the inventor of French progressive-rock. Les Maledictus Sound (Canusa, 1968 - Mucho Gusto, 2000) is a tour de force of stylitic metamorphoses.

Massiera also composed Visitors (1974), another psychedelic nightmare that featured a supergroup of French veterans.

Massiera then moved to Canada and recorded another experimental work, L'Etrange Monsieur Whinster (1976), credited to Horrific Child, which includes three suites: two poems (Baudelaire and Lautreamont), a tribal "danse macabre" and a piece of musique concrete. A1 Frayeur A2 Angoisse B1 H.I.A. (Horreur indescriptible et accumul‚e)

Jean-Pierre Massiera's convoluted career is summarized on the compilation Midnight Massiera (Finders Keepers, 2009). Even better are the separate anthologies Psychoses Freakoid (1963-1978) (Mucho Gusto, 2007), for his psychedelic side, and Psychoses Discoid (1976-1981) (Mucho Gusto, 2007), for his disco side.

Massiera's ventures into "space-disco" yielded Space Woman (1977 - Mucho Gusto, 2010), credited to Herman's Rocket, and Galactic Soul (1978 - Mucho Gusto, 2010), credited to Venus Gang.

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