Mystic Tide
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The Mystic Tide were one of the many New York garage-bands that cut only a handful of singles in the mid 1960s. Formed in 1964 and led by a wild singer and guitarist, Joe Docko, they boasted two anthemic songs (Frustration, 1966, and Running Through The Night) and especially a cosmic jam, Psychedelic Journey (1966), that bridges early Pink Floyd and early Velvet Underground.

Their repertory is compiled on Solid Ground (Distortions, 1994).

(Translated by Ornella C. Grannis)

I Mystic Tide furono una delle tante garage-band di New York che negli anni 60 produsse soltanto qualche 45 giri. Guidati dal bizzarro Joe Docko, cantante e chitarrista, il gruppo vantava due canzoni inneggianti (Frustration, Running Through The Night) e una jam cosmica, Psychedelic Journey, che unisce i Pink Floyd e i Velvet Underground degli esordi.

Il loro repertorio e' raccolto in Solid Ground (Distortions, 1994).

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