Geoff Leigh
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After his brief stint with Henry Cow, horns player Geoff Leigh was active throughout Europe. In England he formed the Radar Favourite (with Charles Hayward and Charles Bullen of This Heat). In Holland he and his wife Kathy Williams helped establish the Red Balune, an art/theater/music collective that released the EPs Capitalist Kid (1978) and Maximum Penalty (1979).

In 1981 Leigh formed Black Sheep with Colin McLure and Loek Van Saus, a surrealistic variant on Henry Cow, that debuted with the EP Animal Sounds (MCCB, 1982).

From Here To Drums (No Man's Land, 1988) collects several experiments recorded over a four-year period.

Leigh then released From Here To Drums (1988), Mirage (2006), and Upstream (2009) with keyboardist Yumi Hara.

Geoff Leigh (flute, sax and electronics), John Greaves (bass and grand piano) and Chris Cutler (percussion) formed Artaud Beats that also included Yumi Hara on piano, clavichord and synth. The project debuted with Live At Avantgarde Festival (august 2009), followed by the more mature Logos (ReR, 2015).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gianluca Mantovan)

Finita la breve esperienza con gli Henry Cow, il cornista Geoff Leigh fu attivo in Europa. In Inghilterra formo' i Radar Favourite (con Charles Hayward e Charles Bullen dei This Heat). In Olanda con la moglie Kathy Williams propizio' i Red Balune, collettivo di arte/teatro/musica che pubblico' gli EP Capitalist Kid (1978) e Maximum Penalty (1979). Nel 1981 Leigh formo', con Colin McLure e Loek Van Saus, i Black Sheep, variante surrealista degli Henry Cow, che debuttarono con l'EP Animal Sounds (MCCB, 1982). From Here To Drums (No Man's Land, 1988) consta di varie sperimentazioni di un quadriennio.

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