Bill Fay

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Bill Fay (1970), 5/10
Time Of The Last Persecution (1971), 6.5/10

British singer-songwriter Bill Fay debuted with the orchestral pop of Bill Fay (Deram, 1970) but then veered into apocalyptic finger-pointing folk on Time Of The Last Persecution (Deram, 1971). From The Bottom Of An Old Grandfather Clock (Wooden Hill, 2005) collects early demos and the double-disc Still Some Light (Jnana, 2010) collects home recordings of the following decades. His third album, Tomorrow Tomorrow And Tomorrow (Durtro, 2005), was released almost 30 years after being recorded.

Rediscovered by Jim O'Rourke of Wilco and David Tibet of Current 93, Fay restarted his career with Life Is People (Dead Oceans, 2012), Who Is The Sender (Dead Oceans, 2015) and the double-LP Countless Branches (Dead Oceans, 2020).

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