Eddy Grant
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Some reggae vocalists exploited their roots to become eclectic auteurs on the international scene. Guyana-born, London-raised and Barbados-resident Eddy Grant, former guitarist of multiracial combo Equals (the psychedelic rhythm'n'blues number Baby Come Back, 1968; Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys, one of the predecessors of soca), was one of the most successful with the electronic Afro-rock-reggae-funk fusion of Jamaican Child (1977), Living On The Frontline (1979), Electric Avenue (1982), Romancing The Stone (1984) and Born Tuff (1986). His ambitions are well represented by the Frontline Symphony (1979) (with opera choir) and by the calypso-tinged sermon Preaching Genocide (1980).

Grant played all the instruments on his debut solo album, Message Man (1977). Walking on Sunshine (1979) was probably his most daring production. Following the repetitive Love in Exile (1980) and Can't Get Enough (1981), Killer on the Rampage (1982) became his most successful album.

His pop career continued with Going for Broke (1984), Born Tuff (1986), File Under Rock (1988), while Grant returned to his roots on Painting of the Soul (1992) and Soca Baptism (1993), a collection of covers.

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