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Thierry "Ilitch" Muller created albums of minimalist repetition for organ and treated guitar, such as the main track on Periodikmindtrouble (1978), and of electronic, electric and acoustic collages, plus noise and vocals, such as 10 Suicides (1980).

The CD reissues of these albums included unreleased material dating from 1974 that showed Muller experimenting with ambient and proto-industrial music.

Muller took his ideas to the dancefloor with his next project, Ruth, a ten-member ensemble that released Polaroid Roman Photo (1985) where the minimalist repetition is replaced by a dance groove.

Rediscovered in the new millennium, Muller returned with Hors Temps-Out Of Time (2004), Rainy House (1978-2005), Lena's Life & Other Stories (2007).

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