Ariel Kalma

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After a trip to India, French composer Ariel Kalma conceived the 20-minute minimalist raga for electronic keyboards, ethnic instruments, saxophone and harmonium Le Temps Des Moissons, off Le Temps Des Moissons (1975 - Beta-lactam Ring, 2008), reminiscent of Terry Riley's Poppy NoGood. After a trip to Borneo, he conceived Osmose (1977 - Beta-Lactam Ring, 2006), a soothing blend of synthesizers, saxophone, harmonium, sound effects and the sounds of the rainforest, halfway between new-age music and ambient world music.

The cassette Open Like A Flute ( Astral Muse, 1982) contains the 13-minute Sazz Flute and the 16-minute Aman, performed playing flute, drums, organ, synthesizer, Jew's harp, bells, harmonium, soprano sax and studio effects.

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