Magical Power Mako

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Magical Power Mako (the brainchild of Japanese guitarist Makoto Kurita, a pupil of composer Toru Takemitsu) predated digital folk with the tape manipulation and collage a` la Faust Tapes of Magical Power Mako (1974). Super Record (1975), instead, ventured into different kinds of Asian music while maintaining a psychedelic atmosphere. Jump (1977) was closer to European progressive-rock. The guitarist continued releasing music throughout the 1990s.

Their whole recordings were released 20/30 years after the fact in sets of five CDs, starting with Harmonium 1972-1975 #1 (Mom & Dad, 1993) The five-cd box-set Hapmoniym 1972-1975 (MIO, 2004 - Bamboo, 2011) collects rarities.

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