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Mythos was the project of flutist and guitarist Stephan Kaske. Mythos (Ohr, 1971) offers lengthy jams that straddle the border between folk, psychedelia and progressive-rock (Oriental Journey-Hero's Death, Encyclopedia Terrae).

A new line-up recorded a very different album, Dreamlab (Kosmische Musik, 1975), which crafts simple and quiet atmospheres for mellotron and flute. Mythos disbanded after the more conventional, song-oriented Strange Guys (Venus, 1977) and Concrete City (Venus, 1979).

Kaske started a solo career with Quasar and Grand Prix, collections of mediocre synth-pop.

A new Mythos recorded Mythosphere (1990), and heralded the conversion of Kaske to the business of new age music. All the popular clickes surface on The Dark Side Of Mythos.

Stephan Kaske undertook another change in direction with The Dramatic And Fantastic Stories of Edgar Allan Poe (Membran, 2004), a double-disc album dedicated to the American writer. It includes the grand symphonic eloquence of The Unparalleled Adventures Of Hans Pfaall, the baroque string concerto of The Journal Of Julius Rodman, the tv soundtrack-soundalike The Domain Of Arnheim, the Michael Nyman-esque ostinato repetition of The Pit And The Pendulum, the 10-minute melodic fantasia The Island Of The Fay, the Cajkovsky-ian dance The Power Of Words, the manic crescendo of The Longfellow War. The second disc indulges also in styles that target the dancefloor, although in Kaske's own idiosyncratic manner: the fusion of hard-rock and techno of Never Bet The Devil Your Head, the fibrillating An Extravaganza and the syncopated swinging techno The Stylus.

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