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The Outlaws from Florida, fronted by three vocalists and guitarists (Hughie Thomasson, Henry Paul, and Billy Jones) were among the most original of the southern-rock bands of the mid-1970s. The Outlaws (1975) contains both a melodic hit (There Goes Another Love Song) and a lengthy intricate hard-rocking country-boogie jam (Green Grass And High Tides).

They unfortunately opted for a more conventional country-rock style on Lady in Waiting (1976) and. Hurry Sundown (1977).

The live Bring It Back Alive (1978) contains a 20-minute version of Green Grass And High Tides.

Freddie Salem replaced Henry Paul for Playin' to Win (1978), In the Eye of the Storm (1979) and Ghost Riders (1980). It is telling that their most popular song of the era was a cover, Stan Jones' Ghost Riders In The Sky.

They continued to release albums every few years: Los Hombres Malo (1982), Soldiers of Fortune (1986), Diablo Canyon (1994).

Hughie Thomasson released the solo So Low (2000) and the band reunited for It's About Pride (2012).

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