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Death's drummer Chris Reifert joined Autopsy in San Francisco, a death-metal band that featured bassist Steve DiGiorgio and debuted with the gorey Severed Survival (1989) in a style less manic than Death's. The EP Retribution for the Dead (1990) and the album Mental Funeral (1991) further slowed down the songs, laying the foundations for a marriage of death and doom. After Acts of the Unspeakable (1992) and Shitfun (1995), Reifert moved on to the metalcore project Abscess, a much more prolific and stable outfit that went on to release Urine Junkies (Relapse, 1995), Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men (Relapse, 1996), Tormented (Listenable, 2000), Through the Cracks of Death (Peaceville, 2002), Damned and Mummified (Red Stream, 2004), Horrorhammer (Tyrant Syndicate, 2007), Split with Bonesaw (Aphelion, 2008), and Dawn of Inhumanity (Tyrant Sindicate, 2010), (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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