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Michigan-based Blight, formed in 1982 by guitarist Steve Miller (formerly of the Fix) and vocalist Tesco Vee (of the Meatmen), only recorded two singles and an EP during their four-month existence. Detroit: The Dream Is Dead (Touch & Go, 2006) collects all of their recordings. They shunned the Laughing Hyenas' frontal attack in favor of a more methodical dismemberment of post-hardcore moods and structures. The agonizing Blight and the chaotic Prophet Of Doom were emblematic of their take on teenage angst. The music ran the gamut from the slow-burning voodoobilly Real World to the free-jazz with electronic dissonance of Seven Winds Over The Gobi Desert. They even boasted melodic refrains (Be Stupid) and danceable rhythms (Girlie Girlie). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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