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Shane Faubert: Kalkara , 5/10
Shane Faubert: San Blass , 5/10
Shane Faubert: Squirrelboy Blue , 5/10

The Cheepskates were part of the 1980's revival of garage-rock in New York. Led by ferocious vocalist Shane Faubert and guitarist David John Herrera, they released two mildly entertaining albums filled of retro` cliches: Run Better Run (Midnight, 1984) and Second And Last (Midnight, 1986).

With a different line-up, Faubert veered towards power-pop on Remember (Music Maniac, 1987) and It Wings Above (Music Maniac, 1988).

After the live Waiting For Unta (Music Maniac, 1989) and the horrible Confessional (Music Maniac, 1990), the group disbanded.

Faubert released Kalkara (Music Maniac, 1990), San Blass (Music Maniac, 1993) and Squirrelboy Blue (Music Maniac, 1997), in a tuneful chamber pop vein.

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