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Camouflage Heart (1984) , 6.5/10
In This World (1988) , 6/10
The Wind Is Strong (1990) , 6/10
Wappinschaw (1994) , 5/10
The Crackle Of My Soul (2009) , 6/10

Scotland's Cindytalk was the project of vocalist Gordon Sharp and multi-instrumentalist David Clancy. The eerie supernatural theatrics of the former dominated the demonic, punkish self-flagellation concept Camouflage Heart (1984).

In This World (1988) was a diptych of two complementary albums: a collection of haunting chamber industrial dirges and a set of melancholy and fragile instrumental ambient piano tapestries.

The Wind Is Strong (1990) was ambient music for piano, while Wappinschaw (1994) was disappointing.

Cindytalk's bassist Matt Kinnison died in 2008.

Cindytalk was reborn in the 21st century as the solo project of Gordon Sharp, who now dabbled in abstract digital soundsculpting. The Crackle Of My Soul (Editions Mego, 2009) and Up Here In The Clouds (Editions Mego, 2010) were later compiled on The Poetry Of Decay (Editions Mego, 2010); and Hold Everything Dear (Editions Mego, 2011) also indulged in piano interludes.

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