Confusional Quartet
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Confusional Quartet (1980), 7/10

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Italian band Confusional Quartet (Lucio Ardito on bass, Gianni Cuoghi on drums, Enrico Serotti on guitar, Marco Bertoni on keyboards) was stylistically related to punk-rock, the new wave of the Residents and Devo, and the "no wave" of DNA, but always kept a humorous and catchy tone, perhaps a descendant of the Italian "varieta`" (music-hall). They mixed the aesthetic issues of demented rock, artistic revisionism and the jazz avantgarde. Their album Confusional Quartet (1980) is a mad parade of brief, frantic, zany, futuristic instrumental miniatures. It stands out as both an aural experiment, a post-modernist experiment, and a melodic experiment. The EPs Confusional Quartet (1981) and Documentario (1981) were vastly inferior.

Confusional Quartet (Elica) reissues material from 1980-81.

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