Dash Rip Rock
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Dash Rip Rock , 5/10
Ace Of Clubs , 6/10
Not Of This World , 6/10
Tiger Town , 5/10
Get You Some Of Me , 5/10
Pay Dirt, 4/10
Cowboy Mouth:Word of Mouth , 5/10
Cowboy Mouth:It Means Escape , 5/10
Cowboy Mouth:Are You With Me , 4/10

If English is your first language and you could translate the Italian text, please contact me. Guidati dal cantante Fred LeBlanc e dal chitarrista Bill Davis, i Dash Rip Rock provengono da Baton Rouge, in Louisiana, e sono fortemente influenzati dalle musiche popolari delle loro parti.
Dopo un primo album, Dash Rip Rock (688, 1986), in cui la ferocia portava ancora le stigmate dei cowboy, la loro esplosiva miscela di rhythm and blues, rock and roll e country trovo` il giusto dosaggio sul grezzo e virile Ace Of Clubs (Mammoth, 1989), con un folgorante tributo rockabilly a Johnny Ace, e piu` ancora su Not Of This World (1990), propulso da una sequenza mozzafiato di proclami a rotta di collo come Bum For Egypt e Don't Wanna Stop.
Spacconi e libidinosi, i Dash Sip Rock impersonano l'autentico spirito del rock sudista. Nel frattempo il cantante aveva lasciato e Davis era diventato padrone assoluto del gruppo.

Tiger Town (Doctor Dream, 1993) e` un album di compromesso che annovera ancora rave-up come Little Rita e True Drunk Love (catchy midtempo rock'n'roll) ma diluiti fra canzoni piu` mainstream.

Su Get You Some Of Me (Sector 2, 1995) il compromesso diventa imbarazzante (Life Flash e` uno dei pochi segni di vita).

Pay Dirt (PC Music, 1998) is another solid collection of southern songs, with a stronger melodic emphasis: the catchy and sprightly She's Got a Lot of Nerve, Call Me When You Find My Number, which is basically bubblegum pop, and especially King Death.

Dash Rip Rock's drummer Fred LeBlanc formed Cowboy Mouth with three veteran musicians and veered towards an adult kind of roots-rock that often sounds like 1970's country-rock. Despite the change of course, the standout track on Word of Mouth (Domino, 1992) is Jenny Says, a Dash Rip Rock classic. Everyone Is Waiting is the faster, louder and stronger song on It Means Escape (Monkey Hill, 1994). Are You With Me (MCA, 1996) is a disappointing sell-out of these two albums' good ideas.

Recyclone (Alternative Tentacles, 2005) is a career retrospective that includes all the classics, and some top-notch rare tracks: their early Ramones-ian anthem Let's Go Smoke Some Pot (that paraphrases a 1950s hit), the old-fashioned rockabilly Shake That Girl, a` la Stray Cats, the breathtaking thrashing psychobilly DMZ, the speedy country & western Silver Moonlit Rail, the martial country-pop BFE, some garage-rock tinged of Mersey-sound such as You Were On My Mind, the REM-ish ballads Falling Apart and Marsupial, the power-pop singalong Locked Inside A Liquor Store, the punkish honky-ronk False Prophet. Numbers such as Shootin' Up Signs and Rattletrap show them at their best, impersonating a marriage of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Aerosmith.

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