Der Plan
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Frank Fenstermacher, Moritz Rrrr and Kurt "Der Pyrolator" Dahlke formed Der Plan in 1978 in Dusseldorf. The band debuted with Geri Reig (Ata Tak, 1979 - - Medical Records, 2011), in a style reminiscent of the Residents' dissonant electronic cabaret (Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimentale), which was followed by the more disco-oriented Normalette Surprise (1981 - Medical Records, 2011). They employed toy instruments, tape collages and dissonances but welded them into organic and "friendly" pieces. After working on the soundtrack Die Letzte Rache (1984) and releasing Die Peitsche des Lebens (Ata Tak, 1991), they disbanded in 1992. Perlen is a compilation.

In the 1990s Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke formed A Certain Frank, which released: No End (Ata Tak, 1996), Nobody (Ata Tak, 1998), Nothing (Ata Tak, 2000).

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