Drowning Pool
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Drowning Pool was an avant-rock quartet (Andrew Crane on vocals, Adam Elesh on guitar, Brett Smith on bass) from Los Angeles that released extraordinary collections of eccentric songs: Drowning Pool (1986), that compiled material from their early cassettes, the double album Satori (Nate Starkman and Son, 1987), the EP Nierika (Viva Records, 1988) and the instrumental album Aphonia (Nate Starkman and Son, 1989). Their music straddled the line between new wave, psychedelia, world-music, ambient and industrial.

They changed name to Mumbles and disappeared.

An unrelated band by the same name became a heavy-metal sensation in the 1990s.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Marco Corvaglia)

Il gruppo Drowning Pool fu un ottimo esempio di una band avant rock che rilascio una raccolta di eccitanti canzoni. Il doppio LP Satori (Nate Starkman and Son, 1987) , l' EP Nierika (Viva Records, 1988) e l album Aphonia (Nate Starkman and Son, 1989). La loro musica varia tra new wave, psychedelica, world - music, ambient e industrial.

Poi cambiarono nome e scomparvero.

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