Esplendor Geometrico
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Esplendor Geometrico was the leading industrial ensemble out of Spain. They began with a rather derivative style, best represented by the cassette Muerte A Escala Industrial (1981) and the single Necrosis en la poya (1981), but achieved with Mekano-Turbo (1988) the link between the harsh wall of noise of early "industrialists" and the electronic body music of their descendants. 1980-1982 (Staalplaat, 1994) collects the first cassette and the first self-released album: this is Esplendor Geometrico at their most cacophonous, specializing in electronic distortions and drones. E.G. (EG, 1989) is a hodgepodge of experiments, Tarikat (Daft, 1997) is a retrospective of the 1986-89 period.

The trio continued to produce albums of vaguely danceable noise, such as Nador (Daft) and Sheikh Aljama (Daft), but eventually Arturo Lanz was the only original member left on Polyglophone (Geometrik, 1998) and Compuesto de Hierro (Geometrik, 2003). Moscu Esta Helado (Supernova, 2004) is an album of remixes. Anthology 1981-2003 (Geometrik, 2005) is a two-CD career retrospective.

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