Yngwie Malmsteen

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Rising Force (1984), 6.5/10
Marching Out (1985), 6/10
Trilogy (1986), 6/10
Odyssey (1988), 6/10
Eclipse (1990), 5/10
Fire & Ice (1992), 4/10
The Seventh Sign (1994), 5/10
Magnum Opus (1995), 4/10
Inspiration (1996), 4/10
Facing the Animal (1997), 4/10
Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (1998), 6/10
Alchemy (1999), 4/10
War to End All Wars (2000), 3/10
Unleash the Fury (2005), 3/10
Perpetual Flame (2008), 3/10
Relentless (2010), 3/10
Spellbound (2012), 3/10
World on Fire (2016), 3/10

Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen exploded on the scene of heavy metal with his debut album Rising Force (Polydor, 1984), a virtuoso and elegant take on British hard-rock tinted with echoes of jazz and classical music. Far Beyond The Sun would remain one of his signature pieces, and Black Star one of his most celebrated guitar solos. The album featured vocalist Jeff Soto and keyboardist Jens Johansson, just like Marching Out (1985), which added drummer Anders Johansson and opened with Prelude to April.

Different vocalists flanked Malmsteen and the two Johanssons on Trilogy (1986), which includes the seven-minute instrumental Trilogy Suite Op 5 and the romantic instrumental Crying, and on Odyssey (Polydor, 1988), which includes the six-minute instrumental Krakatau and the ballad Memories. Once that line-up dissolved, Malmsteen's star faded quickly on mediocre albums such as Eclipse (1990), which includes Save Our Love, Fire & Ice (1992), The Seventh Sign (1994), which contains the ballad Forever One and the instrumental Brothers, Magnum Opus (1995), Inspiration (1996), Facing the Animal (1997), which contains the ballad Like an Angel, peaking with a Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (1998), recorded with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. But this was followed by hollow collections such as Alchemy (1999), War to End All Wars (2000), which includes Miracle of Life, Unleash the Fury (2005), Perpetual Flame (2008), Relentless (2010), Spellbound (2012), World on Fire (2016), etc.

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