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Mantronix (Jamaica-born white beatbox and turntable expert Curtis "Mantronik" Jaleel and rapper Toure' "MC Tee" Embden) ruled the "electro" world with Fresh Is the Word (1985) and Needle To The Groove (1985) from Mantronix: The Album (1985). The albums Music Madness (1986) and In Full Effect (1988) veered towards electronic dance music instead of purist hip-hop.

Bassline, off The Album, was released as a single by DJ Mantronik featuring rapper T La Rock, and is the song credited with pioneering the "trap" sound (the Roland TR-808 hi-hat triplet snares). Another DJ Mantronik single, King Of The Beats (1988), would become one of the most sampled songs of all time.

Having split from Mc Tee, Mantronik turned to house on This Should Move Ya (1990), with the radio-friendly Got to Have Your Love, and The Incredible Sound Machine (1991) is a confused attempt at redefining his sound away from hip-hop.

He staged two come backs, with I Sing the Body Electro (1998) and Journey to Utopia (2014).

Uno dei pionieri dell'electro e` il produttore bianco Mantronik (Curtis Kahleel, nato in Jamaica e cresciuto in Canada), genio della beatbox, che costrui` in proprio la jam hard-core It's Yours e poi lancio` i Mantronix (lui e il rapper Toure' "MC Tee" Embden), i cui capolavori (Fresh Is The World, 1985; Needle To The Groove, 1985; Bassline, 1986; Who Is It, 1987; Scream, 1987; King Of The Beats, 1988, il piu` campionato dalle generazioni successive) contenevano i ritmi piu` contorti e violenti dell'epoca, accoppiati a melodie da eurodisco.
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