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Takushi "Maso" Yamazaki's Masonna (an abbreviation for "maso" and "onna" that means "masochistic woman") was one of the earliest noise bands from Japan, releasing (after a number of limited-edition cassettes) the 31-minute two-song EP Shinsen Na Clitoris (Vanilla, 1990), Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Aureole (1993), containing 31 brief tracks, Noskl In Ana (Alchemy, 1994), the 33-minute single-song Super Compact Disc (Alchemy, 1995), Noisextra (RRRecords, 1995), containing only two jams for a total of 43 minutes, Ejaculation Generater (Alchemy, 1996), the visceral Inner Mind Mystique (Relapse, 1996), Hyper Chaotic (V Records, 1996), Freak-Out Electrolyze (Nanophonica, 1997), Spectrum Ripper (Cold Spring, 1998), the more mature and cohesive Frequency L.S.D. (Alien 8, 1998), one of their best, Vestal Spacy Ritual (Alchemy, 1999), the 20-minute EP Beauty Beast (Blast First, 1999).

Christine 23 Onna was the duo of Maso Yamazaki and Fusao Toda of Angel In Heavy Syrup.

Yamazaki's third project Space Machine, that debuted with Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter (Alchemy, 2001), was instead devoted to old-fashioned cosmic music for analog synthesizers.

To celebrate Yamazaki's 15th anniversary three "Freakout Triplex" albums were released: Masonna's Shock Rock (MIDI Creative, 2002), Acid Eater (2002 - MIDI Creative, 2006), and Space Machine's 2 (2002).

Space Machine returned with 3 (Tiliqua, 2003), containing two studio pieces and two live jams.

Ultimate Collection Vol.1 (Alchemy, 2008) reissues Masonna's Masonna Vs Bananamara (Vanilla, 1989) and Hyper Chaotic (V, 1996) for a total of 48 brief pieces.

Masonna's Yamazaki Maso launched Acid Eater with Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. (2007) and Black Fuzz On Wheels (Time Bomb, 2010), both devoted to super-charged garage-rock jams with fuzz guitar and Farfisa organ as prescribed in the manual of the genre.

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