Missing Persons
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Missing Persons were formed in Los Angeles by former Frank Zappa associates Terry Bozzio (drummer), Dale Bozzio (vocalist) and Warren Cuccurrullo (guitarist). A punkish look, sobbing vocals, chaotic arrangements (not to mention the looks of the singer) propelled their ephemeral hits (Mental Hopscotch, 1980; Words, 1982; Destination Unknown, 1982; Give, 1984).

The band, augmented with jazz bassist Patrick O'Hearn, regained a bit of dignity on Rhyme & Reason (1984), but then they split. Cuccurullo joined Duran Duran.

Terry Bozzio went on to become one of rock's greatest drummers. In 1978 he had formed Group 87 with Pat O'Hearn. In 1979 he had joined UK replacing Bill Bruford. After Missing Persons, he announced his ambitions with Solo Drum Music vol 1 & 2 (1994). Those ambitions escalated with Drawing the Circle (1998), a set of improvised solos, and Chamberworks (1998), that contains the suite Five Movements For Drum Set and Orchestra and Opus 1 for drums and chamber orchestra.

He also recorded Duets (2000) and Alternative Duets (2000) with Chad Wackerman. as well as Black Light Syndrome (1997) and Situation Dangerous (2000) with Tony Levin (the former with Steve Stevens on guitar).

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