Orange Juice

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You Canít Hide Your Love Forever, 6.5/10
Rip It Up, 6/10
The Orange Juice, 6/10

(Translated from my old Italian text by DommeDamian)

At the head of Orange Juice, the young Edwyn Collins was one of the progenitors of the "twee pop" which, reacting to the pins of the punks, imposed the fashion for respectable boys. Their romantic songs for introverted teenagers, such as the 1980 singles Falling And Laughing (Postcard), Blue Boy and Simple Thrilled Honey, as well as the 1981 single, Poor Old Soul , harked back to the carefree era of the Beatles (or rather the Chic, their direct predecessors), away from the rubble of that civilization.

If the 1982 albums, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (Polydor) and Rip It Up ,were let-downs (despite Three Cheers for Our Side on the former and the title track on the latter), then Punch Drunk (from EP Texas Fever by two years later), and the breezy Artisans (from the self-titled The Orange Juice) seemed to indicate a renewal underway; but by then, the group broke up and did not seem to leave a trace (beyond their infinite disciples, the Smiths in the lead).

Guitarist James Kirk went solo many years later with You Can Make It If You Boogie (Marina, 2003).

The Glasgow School (2005) compiles the first four Orange Juice singles.

Alla testa degli Orange Juice il giovane Edwyn Collins fu fra i capostipiti del "twee pop" che, reagendo agli spilloni dei punk, impose la moda dei ragazzi per bene. Le loro canzoni romantiche per adolescenti introversi, come i singoli del 1980, Falling And Laughing (Postcard), Blue Boy e Simple Thrilled Honey, e quello del 1981, Poor Old Soul, ritornavano indietro all'era spensierata dei Beatles (o, meglio degli Chic, i loro diretti predecessori), rifiutandosi di vedere le macerie di quella civilta`.

Se gli album del 1982, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (Polydor) e Rip It Up, delusero (nonostante Three Cheers for Our Side sul primo e la title-track del secondo), Punch Drunk (dall'EP Texas Fever di due anni dopo), e la briosa Artisans (da The Orange Juice) sembrava indicare un rinnovamento in atto; ma il gruppo si sciolse e non sembro` lasciar traccia (al di la` degli infiniti discepoli, Smiths in testa).

Guitarist James Kirk went solo many years later with You Can Make It If You Boogie (Marina, 2003).

The Glasgow School (2005) compiles the first four Orange Juice singles.

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