Real Kids
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Real Kids (1978), 7/10
Outta Place (1982), 6.5/10
Hit You Hard (1983), 5/10
Lowdowns (1988), 5/10

I Real Kids di John Felice (che era stato nei Modern Lovers di Jonathan Richman) catalizzarono la scena punk-rock di Boston, ma il loro singolo d'esordio (il leggendario All Kindsa Girl del 1977) e i brani migliori (Baby's Book) dell'album Real Kids (Redstar, 1978) erano influenzati soprattutto dagli Stones piu` "duri". John Felice's Real Kids were catalyzers of the Boston punk scene, although the sound of their 1977 debut single (the legendary All Kindsa Girl) and the best tracks migliori (My Baby's Book) off the album Real Kids (Redstar, 1978) were mainly influenced by early Rolling Stones.

The group disbanded in 1980. Felice moonlighted briefly in the Taxi Boys, then reformed the Real Kids and recorded Outta Place (Star Rhythm, 1982), that includes Outta Place and Can't Talk To That Girl.

She, off Hit You Hard (New Rose, 1983), was their last classic.

Felice will surface again with the Lowdowns (Ace Of Hearts, 1988), but the sound had mutated into conventional punk-pop.

The New Rose Years (Munster, 2003) collects Outta Place (1982), Hit You Hard (1983) and a live album.

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