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Testament (2002) , 6/10

Shub-Niggurath was a progressive-rock band, formed in France by guitarist Frank Fromy, keyboardist Jean-Luc Herve, bassist Alain Ballaud and trombonist Veronique Verdier. Les Morts Vonte Vite (Musea, 1986), featuring a vocalist, contained lengthy and experimental tracks such as Incipit Tragaedia, Yog sothoth and La Ballade de Lenore in the tradition of Art Zoyd and Univers Zero.

C'Etaient de Tres Grands Vents (Musea, 1991), with new vocalist Sylvette Claudet, was even more imposing.

Testament (Musea, 2002) collects ten unreleased (and untitled) pieces, which are far more experimental (and cacophonous) than any of their official albums.

OOO, formed by guitarist Frank Fromy, debuted with Crypto Sensus (Gazul, 2000).

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