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On Fire (1986), 6/10
In Full Gear (1988), 6.5/10
Blood, Sweat & No Tears (1991), 7/10

New York's Stetsasonic, formed in the early 1980s and consisting of dj "Prince Paul" Huston, dj Leonard "Wise" Roman, dj Marvin "DBC" Nemley, and rappers Glenn "Daddy O" Bolton, Martin "Delite" Wright and Bobby "Frukwan" Simmons, were part of the "daisy-age movement" (De La Soul, Jungle Brothers) that introduced new sophistication in the arrangements of hip-hop music. Their debut album, On Fire (1986), was rather naive, but both In Full Gear (1988) and Blood, Sweat & No Tears (1991), influenced by Public Enemy's social commentary, were superb realizations. Stetsasonic's A.F.R.I.C.A. (1987) was one of the first rap records to deal with Afrocentric issues. They were also the first group to emphasize live instrumentation in rap music.

Later, Prince Paul launched a successful solo career.

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