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Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance (1988), 6/10
Hot Dogma (1990), 6.5/10
Machiavelli and the Four Seasons (1995), 6/10
www.tism.wanker.com (1998), 6/10
De RigueurMortis (2001), 5/10
The White Albun (2004), 5/10

The Australian band TISM (which stands for This Is Serious Mum) played comical dance-pop on their 26-song double-LP Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance (1988), generally closer to Oingo Boingo than to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Their dubious sense of humor is on display in the martial synth-pop of Defecate On My Face (Laibach for the musichall), but many of the jokes became rapidly outdated. Morisson Hostel is simply eight minutes of the singer hurling insults at Jim Morrison over cacophonous guitar and bass jamming. Anyway, this is the fun counterpart to Inxs.

Their quirky musichall matured with the 24-song Hot Dogma (1990), where they often sound an update of Frank Zappa to galopping Existentialtism (perhaps their best song ever) to the macabre Pus of the Dead and to the keyboards-driven Let's Club It to Death (which could be a lost J. Geils Band ditty).

Adding a more dynamic and virulent drum-machine, Machiavelli and the Four Seasons (1995) unleashed the clownish polka of Ol' Man River on hordes of helpless punks while the mock-emphatic Greg The Stop Sign sounds like a preview of Chumbawamba's Tubthumping.

The jokes are less musical on www.tism.wanker.com (1998), whose songs rely too much on the lyrics. Shut Up - The Footy's on the Radio, The Men's Room and Thunderbirds Are Coming Out are third-rate material compared with the first three albums.

The sprawling 31-song De RigueurMortis (2001) is full of brief spoken-word sections and lacks a highlight.

The best satire on their The White Albun (2004) is The Revolution 9 parody Cerebral Knievel but the catchy ditty that became popular on alternative radio was Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me.

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