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Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives (1992), 6.5/10
Never is Forever (1994), 5/10
Ass Cobra (Boomba, 1996), 6/10
Apocalypse Dudes (1998), 7/10
Scandinavian Leather (2003), 4/10
Party Animals (2005), 4/10
Retox (2007), 4/10
Sexual Harassment (2012), 4/10
RocknRoll Machine (2018), 4/10

Glam-metal band Turbonegro, formed in Oslo (Norway) in 1989 by Thomas Seltzer on bass, Vegard Heskestad, Pal Bottger Kjaernes, Rune Gronn, Pal Erik Carlin and Carlos Churasco on drums, debuted with the single Route Zero (Straightjacket, 1990) and the five-song EP Turboloid (Straightjacket, 1990). Their first phase is documented by two albums, Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives (Big Ball, 1992), the manifesto of their brutal hardcore mixed with Stooges-style garage-rock, and the anthology Helter Skelter (Repulsion Records, 1993).

A new vocalist, Hans Erik Husby, joined in 1993. The new line-up released an EP, Grunge Whore (1993), under the moniker Stierkampf, but then resumed their original name for the next album, Never is Forever (1994), which, together with the singles Denim Demon (1995) and Bad Mongo (1995), heralded their third and major phase.

They started a new career with Ass Cobra (Boomba, 1996) in the vein of an offensive and borderline pornographic punk-rock. Adding doses of glam-rock and hard rock, they made their album Apocalypse Dudes (1998) palatable to the masses. Songs like Rock Against Ass were the musical equivalent of a highschool prank and showed the influence of the New York Dolls and the Dictators. The Age Of Pamparius borrows from both the Who's We Won't Get Fooled Again and Cheap Trick's The Clock Strikes Ten.

Darkness Forever is a double-disc live album.

They reformed and released Scandinavian Leather (Burning Heart, 2003) and Party Animals (2005), the last two parts of the trilogy that began with Apocalypse Dudes (1998).

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Formarti ad Oslo (Norvegia) nel 1989 da Thomas Seltzer (basso), Vegard Heskestad, Pal Bottger Kjaernes, Rune Gronn, Pal Erik Carlin e Carlos Churasco (batteria), i Turbonegro hanno debuttato con il singolo Route Zero (Straightjacket, 1990) e con le cinque canzoni contenute nell’EP Turboloid (Straightjacket, 1990). La prima fase della loro carriera e` documentata da due album, Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives (Big Ball, 1992) e la raccolta Helter Skelter (Repulsion Records, 1993).

Un nuovo cantante, Hans Erik Husby, si unisce alla band nel 1993. L’inedita line-up registra un EP, Grunge Whore (1993), con il moniker Stierkampf, ma recupera il nome originale della band per l’album successivo, Never is Forever (1994), che, insieme ai singoli Denim Demon (1995) e Bad Mongo (1995), preannuncia la loro terza fase, la più importante.

I loro capolavori sono Ass Cobra (Boomba, 1996) e Apocalypse Dudes (1998).

Darkness Forever e` un doppio CD live.

Scandinavian Leather (Burning Heart, 2003)

Turbonegro returned every so few years with albums of party hard-rock and glam-rock filled with juvenile offensive jokes: Retox (2007), Sexual Harassment (2012), with a new vocalist, and RocknRoll Machine (2018).

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