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Wisdom Of Harry: House Of Binary , 5/10

In the 1980s, Peter Astor rode the tiger of Scotland's "feedback pop" first with the Loft, that recorded the seminal singles Why Does The Rain (1984) and Up The Hill (1985), later collected on Once Round The Fair (Creation), and then with the Weather Prophets. The Prophets, whose early material was collected on Diesel River (Megadisc, 1986), specialized in psych-pop ditties like the single Almost Prayed (Creation, 1986) Naked As The Day You Were Born, the standout track on debut album Mayflower (Elevation, 1987), and In Between, from Judges Juries & Horsemen (Creation, 1988). Melodies were occasionally warped by acid-jams in the vein of Television: She Comes From The Rain, from Mayflower, and Hollow Heart, from Judges Juries & Horsemen.

Astor tried the solo career with Submarine (Creation, 1990), a collection of languid psychedelic ballads a` la Syd Barrett.

At the end of the decade, Astor resurrected with a solo project named The Wisdom Of Harry. The early singles and EPs are collected on Stars Of Super 8 (Matador, 1999) and already show the singer and guitarist experimenting with electronica. House Of Binary (Matador, 2000) is the album of a singer songwriter who aims at extending Beck's experiments. Coney Island Of Your Mind is a harmless pop ditty, but Caesar Boots and Boxed belong to a new musical race. Torch Division (Matador, 2003), on the other hand, is more mainstream.

Astor was also active as Ellis Island Sound, but its songs were documented only much later on The Good Seed (2007). His solo Hal's Eggs (Static Caravan, 2005) is a collection of traditional folk songs.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Marengo)

Peter Astor cavalcò negli anni ottanta la tigre del "feedback pop" scozzese, prima con i Loft, che pubblicarono i singoli seminali Why Does The Rain (1984) e Up To The Hill (1985), in seguito raccolti su Once Round The Fair (Creation) e più tardi con i Weather Phrophets. Il loro primo materiale venne pubblicato su Diesel River (Megadisc, 1986), specializzato in motivetti pop psichedelici quali il singolo Almost Prayed (Creation, 1986). Naked As The Day You Were Born era la traccia migliore di Mayflower (Elevation, 1986) il loro album di debutto, seguito da In Between da Judges Juries & Horseman (Creation, 1988). Le loro melodie erano occasionalmente distorte da jam acide alla maniera dei Television come dimostrano She Comes From The Rain da Mayflower, e Hollow Heart da Juries & Horsemen. 

Astor tentò la carriera da solista con Submarine (Creation, 1990), una raccolta di languide ballate psichedeliche alla maniera di Syd Barrett.

Alla fine del decennio Astor risorse con il progetto solista The Wisdom Of Harry. I primi singoli ed EP sono raccolti su Star Of Super 8 (Matador, 1999) che già vedeva il cantante e chitarrista sperimentare con l'elettronica. House Of Binary (Matador, 2000) è l'album di un cantante-cantautore che tenta di approfondire gli esperimenti di Beck. Coney Island Of Your Mind è un innocua canzonetta pop, ma Caesar Boots e Boxed appartengono ad una nuova corrente musicale. Torch Division (Matador, 2003) è d'altronde più mainstream.

Astor fu anche attivo come Ellis Island Sound, ma le sue canzoni vennero documentate solo molto tempo più tardi su The Good Seed (2007). Il suo album solista Hal's Eggs (Static Caravan, 2005) è una raccolta di canzoni folk tradizionali.

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