Hiroshi Yoshimura

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Hiroshi Yoshimura (Japan, 1940) debuted with the ambient music of the home-made demo tape Music For Nine Post Cards (Sound Process, 1982 - Empire of Signs, 2017), followed by Pier & Loft (Fukusei Gijutsu Kohboh, 1983) and AIR (Shiseido, 1984). He mixed electronics and natural sounds on Green (1986), as it was popular in the heydays of new-age music. Other notable albums: Misawa Home (1986), Wet Land (1993), Face Music (1994), Quiet Forest (1998). Yoshimura died of skin cancer in 2003. Posthumous albums included: Four Post Cards (Crescent, 2004), Soft Wave For Automatic Music Box (Nuvola, 2005), and Flora 1987 (2006). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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