Aluminum Group
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Wonderboy Plus , 5/10
Plano , 6/10
Pedals , 5/10
Pelo , 4/10
Happyness , 6/10
More Happyness (2003), 4/10

Chicago-based post-rock act Aluminum Group, formed by brothers Frank and John Navin, debuted with a slab of easy-listening muzak and Sixties bubblegum, Wonderboy Plus (1995 - Minty Fresh, 1999), but derailed that genre with electronic and acoustic arrangements on Plano (Minty Fresh, 1998), occasionally bordering on Pink Floyd-ian languor (Storytime) and sometimes achieving real melodrama (Sad Gay Life).

The band became even more intellectual on Pedals (Minty Fresh, 1999), produced by Jim O'Rourke and virtually a spoof of Burt Bacharach's sophisticated orchestral pop. Their incursion into kitsch music continued with Pelo (Hefty, 2000), which also resurrected the band's flirt with electronic arrangements (and dance beats). This album is simultaneously the least inspired of their career and the one with the most accomplished songs (Pussycat, Tom Of Finland). Stalwarts of simplicity in the age of post-rock complexity, the Aluminum Group harks back to the pre-rock years and attempt to recreate the feeling of safety, security and mindless happiness of those years. And Happyness (Wishing Tree, 2002) was the appropriate (mispelled) title of their next album. Even more generic, laid-back and unpretentious, the sound of Kisses and Pop is, basically, not a sound.

For better and for worse, More Happyness (Wishing Tree, 2002) is a senseless repetition of the senseless pop ballads of the previous albums. Featuring many of Chicago's post-rock intellectuals (John McEntire, John Herndon, Doug McCombs, Rebecca Gates, Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker), it embellishes its crooning litanies with synths and horns that basically photocopy the old easy-listening orchestras.

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