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Bablicon: In a Different City (1999), 7/10
Bablicon: Orange Tapered Moon (2000), 7/10 (mini)
Bablicon: A Flat Inside a Fog (2001), 6.5/10

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Neutral Milk Hotel's drummer Jeremy Barnes formed Bablicon with Dave McDonald and Griffin Rodriguez. The Chicago-based instrumental trio (saxophone, bass and drums) debuted with In A Different City (Pickled Egg, 1999), a noisy, spastic, psychedelic jazz-rock experiment that harks back to Captain Beefheart (minus the voice and the blues).

The more complex tapestry of the mini-album Orange Tappered Moon (Pickled Egg, 2000) was reminiscent of both Soft Machine's progressive-rock and Slint's post-rock as well as of Frank Zappa's irreverent musique concrete.

The piano dominated the anarchic vignettes of A Flat Inside A Fog, The Cat That Was A Dog (Misra, 2000), a gloriously incoherent statement of ambient cacophony.

Need New Body's drummer Chris Powell and Bablicon's bassist Griffin Rodriquez formed Icy Demons who released Fight Back! (Cloud Recordings, 2004.

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