Big Swifty
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Akroasis (Cherry Smash, 1997), 7/10
The Canals Of The Atlantean Plain (Cherry Smash, 1999), 6.5/10

Big Swifty, a Florida band led by multi-instrumentalist Pat Pagano, debuted with the cassette Smokers but Pagano emerged as a mature composer with austere compositions built around drones a` la LaMonte Young, minimalist repetition a` la Terry Riley and microtonal techniques on Akroasis (Cherry Smash, 1997), particularly its centerpiece, Kalpa. Four Ragas and Atlantis, both unreleased, would have introduced stronger elements of eastern music and spirituality.

Big Swifty also recorded under the moniker Shri Swifty And The Mandali of Mantra the album The Canals Of The Atlantean Plain (Cherry Smash, 1999).

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