Clint Black
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Texas-based Clint Black was slightly more existential than the average country-pop singer of the 1980s. His debut album, Killin' Time (RCA, 1989), became a best-seller right away (A Better Man, Killin' Time, Nobody's Home, Walkin' Away).

One More Payment and Put Yourself In My Shoes, from Put Yourself in My Shoes (1990), When My Ship Comes In, Burn One Down and We Tell Ourselves, from The Hard Way (1992), No Time To Kill, A Good Run Of Bad Luck, State Of Mind, A Bad Goodbye and When My Ship Comes In, from No Time to Kill (1993), One Emotion, Summer's Comin', Wherever You Go and Life Gets Away, from One Emotion (1994), Nothin' But The Taillights, Still Holding On, Something That We Do and The Shoes You're Wearing from Nothin' But the Taillights (1997), When I Said I Do and Been There, from D'lectrified (1999), continued his string of hits.

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