Black Watch
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St Valentine , 6/10
Flowering , 6/10
Amphetamines , 6/10
The King Of Good Intentions , 6/10
Lime Green Girl , 6/10
Jiggery-Pokery , 6/10
The Innercity Garden (2005), 5/10

Black Watch were formed in Los Angeles in 1988 by guitarist John Friedrick, who later enrolled vocalist J'Anna Jacoby (also on violin and viola). St Valentine (Eskimo, 1988) contains the early gem Record Shop Girl. It was followed by the EP Short Stories (Eskimo, 1989), the single The Ginger Men/ Eleanor Rigby (Eskimo, 1990), the album Flowering (Dr. Dream, 1991), and the single Come Inside/ Just Last Night (Eskimo, 1993).

The shy folk-pop of the single Whatever You Need (San Jacinto, 1994) is also the trademark style of Amphetamines (Gotta Go, 1994). Their melancholy, spacey, tunes (Just Last Night, See You Around) rank with Mazzy Star's and Medicine's mellowest ballads.

Unfortunately, the standout tracks of the EP Seven Rollercoasters (Catapult, 1997) are the two sides of the previous single: I Feel So Weird and the grotesquely baroque Steve Albini. No matter how accomplished those ballads, the rest of the album sounds like filler.

The King Of Good Intentions (Not Lame Limited, 1999), recorded with former Velouria bassist Scott Taylor and ex-Medicine drummer Jim Goodall, is even dreamier, bordering on space-rock. Quasi Stellar Radio Source is one of their humble masterpieces.

I Remember Swimming and All The Stars Are Jewel-Bright are the standout tracks off Lime Green Girl (Saltwater, 2000).

The single Christopher Smart (Saltwater, 2001) is poppier.

J'Anna Jacoby's playing matures on Jiggery-Pokery (Stonegarden, 2002), but the band relies too much on the lyrics (The Tennis Playing Poet Roethke Said) rather than just let their eccentricity bloom.

The Innercity Garden (Pink Hedgehog, 2005)

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