Born Against
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Born Against were a skinhead band from New York formed in 1989. They palyed catchy and political hardcore that was less furious and more varied than the average. The released only the single Eulogy/ Riding With Mary (Vermiform), the 5-track EP Industrial Relations Dept. 7 (Vermiform), the album Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children (Vermiform, 1991) and the mini-album Battle Hymns Of The Race War (Vermiform, 1992) later reissued as Patriotic Battle Hymns (Kill Rock Stars). The line-up included drummer Brooks Headley (also in Skull Kontrol), Neil Burke and Sam McPheeters.

In 1993 Born Against disbanded. The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure (Vermiform, 1994) is a career retrospective, focusing on rarities and singles.

Sam "Bland" McPheeters and Neil Burke went on to form Men's Recovery Project, which released several singles and, eventually, the album Bolides Over Basra (Load, 1999), featuring two members of Six Finger Satellite. The album offers a surreal mixture of industrial, grunge and death-metal that alternatively evokes Frank Zappa, Devo, the Residents and Six Finger Satellite. The range of moods and styles is bizarre, to say the least: the frantic sermon of Working for the Mossad is propelled by hard-rock riffs and tribal drumming, while The Olive Salesman could have featured on one of Zappa's operettas. Boums to Zanzibar is a musichall novelty, while the distorted instrumental Wreckage in the Empty Quarter sounds like a horror soundtrack. The Egyptian Assassin is exotica halfway between the Residents and Savage Republic,` while 3Am On The Sunken Highway to Riyadh is a Brian Eno-esque instrumental. Add outdated, self-parodistic electronics (In The Eunuch's Wine Cellar) and atmospheric spoken-word pieces (In Khartoum).

Born Against's singer Sam McPheeters fronts the Wrangler Brutes that released the vitriolic Zulu (Kill Rock Stars, 2004).

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