Brutal Juice

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Mutilation , 6/10

Brutal Juice was a Texas band, led by singer and guitarist Gordon "Mike" Gibson and mainly fielded with graduates of the local school of music, that thrived in a limbo bordering death metal, industrial music, acid-rock and punk-pop. The singles, Cannibal Holocaust (Direct Hit), Punk Fuck (Direct Hit), Black Moment of Panic (Alternative Tentacles, 1994), Rocktown (Alternative Tentacles, 1994), show the technical progress of the band, initially only a pretext for violent live shows but slowly turning into a complex sonic experience.

The singles, the cassette How Tasty Was My Little Timmy (Homus Boyus, 1991) and the live I Love The Way They Scream When They Die (Sound Virus, 1994) are summarized on the official debut, Mutilation (Interscope, 1995). A few additions to the canon (Kentucky Fuck Daddy, The Vaginals) are witty and irreverent. The spirit is very "red-neck" (sex, alcohol and rock and roll). The Hendrix-ian guitar of Ted Wood often steals the show.

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