Bunny Brains
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74 Minutes , 6/10
1989-1992 , 6/10
Bunny Magick , 6/10
Bunny Brains Easter LP , 6/10

Garage-rockers Bunny Brains were formed in New York in 1988 but soon relocated to Connecticut. Daniel Seward on vocals and guitar is the only remaining member of the original line-up. For You'd Kill (LHG, 1991) and I'm Obsessed with My Looks (LHG, 1992) were the early singles, followed by the albums 74 Minutes (LHG, 1993) and 1989-1992 (TPOS, 1993). Then Raimondo Paolucci (on guitar) and Pete "Sylvia" Partenio (on drums) joined and the band became more stable. The singles You Got It (Pits Bull, 1994) and T Ohnny (Matador, 1994) were cut.

The demented chaos of the concept album Bunny Magick (Black Jack, 1994) and Bunny Brains Easter LP (Matador, 1995), that reprises the epic Meal Ticket, have presented a maturing ensemble capable of impressive noise-rock feats, including several guitar freakouts.

My Daughter Had a Stroke (Noiseville) is still unreleased, as is the EP Beach Bunny Bingo (Now Sound).

Box The Bunny (Narnack, 2004) is a 4-cd box-set that collects all their recordings.

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