Calvin Krime
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Dress For The Future , 6/10
You're Feeling So Attractive , 6.5/10

Calvin Krime is yet another Minneapolis power-trio that plays progressive hardcore in the visceral form of Die Kreuzen. Guitarist Jon Kelson leds the charge on the EP Kids Incarcerated (Skene, 1996), whose three tracks (Veryfine, Bing Bing, Blood FLows Slow) display an eclectic and creative approach to slam-dance.

Dress For The Future (Amphetamine Reptile, 1997) is a monolithic outburst of discordant guitar-rock, while You're Feeling So Attractive (Amphetamine Reptile, 1998) opens with an equally forceful Die Beautiful but boasts enough variety to make you think this is Soul Coughing or Six Finger Satellite gone hardcore (the last tracks, especially the closing Strictly Business).

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