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Candlebox , 5/10
Lucy , 4/10
Happy Pills , 4/10

Among the many parasites of Seattle's grunge, Candlebox were the most amorphous. A singer, Kevin Martin (a Texas native who moved to Seattle in 1985), whose dire, whiny baritone can't decide which grunge singer to ape, Peter Klett's inept guitar riffs and one of the most predictable rhythm sections ever made Stone Temple Pilots sound like Beethoven. Nonetheless, Candlebox (Maverick, 1993) the album sold truckloads of copies as did the singles Change and You.

The even more dreadful and sterile Lucy (Maverick, 1995) is hardly a collection of songs, as Butterfly and Best Friends and the likes are mere cliches. The band clearly can't write music (the singer can't write lyrics either).

Happy Pills (Maverick, 1998) is so unbelievably dull that the two previous albums sound almost musical.

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