The Coup
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Oakland's trio The Coup (rapper Raymond "Boots" Riley, rapper "E Roc", and female dj and turntablist virtuosa "Pam The Funkstress") were the most formidable followers of Public Enemy's agit-prop hip-hop, unleashing lyrics based on Mao's "Red Book", Noam Chomsky's pamphlets and Jello Biafra's sermons on Kill My Landlord (1993) and Genocide & Juice (1994). without E-Roc they produced their best albums, Steal This Album (1998) and Party Music (75 ARK, 2001), which adds live instruments (bass, organ, piano, sax, flute, harmonica, etc).

Pared down to a duo (Raymond "Boots" Riley and "Pam The Funkstress"), the Coup withdrew to a less abrasive stance on Pick A Bigger Weapon (Epitaph, 2006). Dispensing with the most overtly Marxist tones has the positive effect of focusing the music on... the music (rather than on the message). Thus one can appreciate the nuances in Pam's soundscape and Boots' delivery. Far from being a sell-out, this is, de facto, their debut as full-fledged musicians.

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