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A rare attempt to fuse death-metal with progressive-rock and even jazzcore was carried out by Cynic on their lone album, Focus (1993). They were a quartet (Paul Masvidal on guitar, Sean Malone on bass, who performs a legendary bass solo in Textures, Sean Reinert on drums, Jason Gobel on guitar) formed in Florida in 1987 after working as session musicians on albums by bands such as Atheist, Pestilence, Death, etc.

Their second album, that was meant to be credited to a side project called Portal, surfaced only years after being recorded as the Portal Tapes (2012), with a female vocalist (Aruna Abrams) and a more melodic sound.

They regrouped, with guitarist Jason Gobel replaced by Dutch guitarist Tymon Kruidenier, for the brief album Traced in Air (2008), with vocoder vocals instead of death growls.

Kindly Bent to Free Us (2014) was, again, a complete change in style, possibly a return to the Portal project.

Sean Malone died in at the end of 2020.

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