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Puzzle , 4/10
American Highway Flower , 4/10
El Subliminoso , 4/10
Dada , 4/10

Dada is a Los Angeles trio (bassist Joie Callo, guitarist Michael Gurley and drummer Phil Leavitt) that shows little remorse in recycling the most abused refrains in pop history.

Last of a dynasty that began with the Beach Boys and went through Beat, Last, 20/20 and more recently Toad The Wet Sprocket, Dada released three uninspired albums: Puzzle (IRS, 1992), with Dizz Knee Land, Dog, My Baby Fell for Ol' Saint Nick; American Highway Flower (IRS, 1994), with I Get High and Dim; El Subliminoso (IRS, 1996).

Fourth album Dada (MCA, 1998) delivers the terrifying Beatles-esque melodies and bridges of Information Undertow and Sweet Dark Angel, not to mention the embarrassing Beach Boys-ian vocalizing of This Thing Together. For each chunk of Tom Petty (Playboy in Outerspace) or Byrds (Beautiful Turnback Time Machine) we are punished with misplaced AOR ambitions such as the timid blues-rock shuffle California Gold.

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