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Dangtrippers: Days Between Stations , 6.5/10
Devin Hill: Stars , 6/10
Devin Hill: Wayout Lane , 4/10

The Dangtrippers were one of the few Iowa bands to play power-pop for a global audience, and their one and only album, Days Between Stations (Dog Gone, 1989 - Sky, 1990), remains an underrated classic of the genre. The songwriting team of singers and guitarists Devin Hill and Doug Robertson penned gorgeous tunes of everyday life with a joyful and mature attitude.

Devin Hill started a solo career in Minneapolis with Stars (Big Deal, 1994), as good an imitation of Byrds and Big Star as the Dangtrippers album (Stars, Lovers Again, 19th). Wayout Lane (Big Deal, 1995), instead, marks a regression towards a more convetional country-rock style.

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